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Pesto Pasta

D' Forno Cocina


Welcome to D' Forno Cocina, a culinary haven in the heart of Downtown Modesto, California. We take immense pride in offering you an exquisite dining experience rooted in a rich history of culinary expertise and community commitment.


David Alonso

At the helm of the culinary odyssey at D' Forno Cocina stands Chef David Alonso, a luminary in the world of fine dining with a distinguished career spanning over three decades. After making a notable mark in the corporate landscape of American gastronomy, Chef Alonso graced esteemed establishments, taking on the role of executive chef at the prestigious Fontana's Italian Restaurant, orchestrating culinary excellence at Pluto's locations across the Bay Area, and presiding over the kitchen as the executive chef at Zao.

Embarking on a foray into culinary entrepreneurship, Chef David unveils a collection of extraordinary dining establishments that serve as showcases for his unwavering commitment to culinary excellence, an innovative spirit, and a heartfelt dedication to sharing delectable flavors with the discerning community. Among these culinary gems are the renowned Papapolloni in Oakdale, the exquisite Papapavlo's in Modesto, and the sophisticated Famiglia Bistro in Modesto. Each venue not only tantalizes palates but also stands as a testament to Chef Alonso's gastronomic prowess, leaving an indelible mark on the refined world of fine dining.
Chef David Alonso

A Culinary Vision and Community Spirit.

Our restaurant not only celebrates the art of Italian cuisine but also stands as a symbol of Chef David's dedication to the community. Beyond the tantalizing flavors and elegant ambiance, we are proud to be part of Modesto's vibrant social fabric. Chef David Alonso is an active member of several community organizations, working tirelessly to make a positive impact on our beautiful city.


When you dine at D' Forno Cocina, you're not just savoring exceptional Italian dishes; you're also supporting a local business with deep roots in the community. We believe in giving back, and our commitment to both culinary artistry and community welfare is at the heart of everything we do.


We invite you to be a part of our story, savor our culinary creations, and experience the warmth of our restaurant family. Come and join us on a journey that celebrates the flavors of Italy and the spirit of Modesto, all under the expert guidance of Chef David Alonso.


Thank you for choosing D' Forno Cocina. Buon appetito!

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